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Artificial Turf Service

Artificial turf is suitable for residential and commercial properties because it doesn’t require trimming, mowing, watering, or any other typical maintenance necessities that grass and other surfaces do. With fake grass, you can have an amazing front yard or backyard with minimal effort. It will stay neat during the whole year.  Because of its benefits and modern appearance, artificial grass became a popular solution not only for the outdoor but also for indoor spaces. Toroz Contracting is a reputable contractor that you can hire to install the artificial turf for you and take your home to the next level.

Artificial Turf Installation

Toroz Contracting is a landscaping company that can install artificial grass for you quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Fake grass will improve your backyard or front yard significantly, making it a pleasant area for play and relaxation. Whether you want to enjoy your time outside with family, friends, or by yourself or you need a nice space for your pets, artificial turf is a great option.  If you want to install synthetic grass, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer service. We offer free estimates so we will not charge for the consultation. To tell you the price of our installation service, we would need to know certain details about the project. For example, you can measure the area and share the data with us. Also, let our team know if the zone currently has natural grass, paving, or it is just a soil area. In case we still need more information, you can send us photos or we can visit you. After confirming all the details, we can begin the installation of the fake grass.

Artificial Grass Replacement

Quality artificial turf can last 10 to 25 years. Of course, its durability depends on numerous factors, including how well you take care of it and what you use it for. Synthetic grass in your backyard can last for a couple of decades but the same grass cannot last long if you use it for a playground or a football field.  In case your artificial grass needs replacement, we will gladly help you! Our skillful team will remove the old and install the new grass in your outdoor space. Our clients also often call us for a partial grass replacement. For example, only one part of your fake grass could be damaged. In that case, we can cut it out and replace it with new materials, without reconstructing the whole area. That way, the damaged side will not affect the rest of the zone.  One of the reasons why you might need the replacement of artificial grass is poor installation. If originally you installed the surface alone or hired amateurs to lay the grass in your backyard, there is a high chance that there will be problems after a while. In that case, we will repair those issues and make sure to reinstall the artificial turf properly.

Artificial Turf Near Me

Toroz Contracting provides artificial turf installation, repair, and removal in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, and Burlington. We offer free estimates and fair prices for our services. Apart from doing all the work for you, we can also help you find the best options for your outdoor area. Therefore, you don’t need to call us only when you buy all the materials and you need a professional to install them. You can call us before that! If you need advice on which products are most suitable for your zone or you have a limited budget and you want us to help you select the best artificial turf within a specific price range, let us know.

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