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Toroz Contracting offers top-class sodding in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, and Burlington. Our turf solutions will make your outdoor space healthier, cleaner, and easier to maintain. Your new lush green lawn will impress everyone that visits you and you will enjoy its numerous benefits. At the same time, you will increase the value of your home. Therefore, if you plan to sell your house in the future, the landscaping will have a significant positive impact on the price.

What is Sod?

Sod is a section of grass with a thin layer of soil under it, connected and kept together with the help of a root system or biodegradable material. The grass is extracted from the grasslands with the roots and the soil, which makes it easy to integrate into another land plot. You can buy sod in rolled-up bunches at most home renovation stores. However, to find the best sodding options for your yard, you should consult a professional before the purchase. Our staff will help you find the best product that will fit your outdoor space perfectly. Wherever you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, or Burlington, you can look for a sod near me service and find us easily!

Difference Between Sodding and Seeding

Sodding is the transfer of a piece of grass with the soil from one area to another. You can lay sod over the soil and have a completely different yard in a day. On the other hand, seeding serves to enhance and improve the existing grass in your yard. You can buy seeds from a local store and spread them all over the lawn and water the area regularly. Over time, grass will appear and you should maintain it properly. You can even seed grass over the sod. In case grass disappears from some part of the zone because of the busy traffic or any other occurrence, you can sprinkle some seeds over it and it will recover eventually.

Why Do You Need Professional Sod Near Me?

If you buy the materials alone and try to do DIY sodding, you will put at risk the final result of the project. As a landscaping company, Toroz Contracting knows exactly how to install turf on different surfaces and make sure you enjoy your new yard for a long time.  When you buy sod rolls, you will have to install them relatively quickly. During growing seasons, you should lay them the same day they get harvested. During winter, you could keep the rolls for 5-7 days but it is not recommended. The sooner you request the sodding service, the better outcome will be.  With a team of professionals, the whole installation process will be quick and efficacious. We will prepare the soil for sodding, complete the hardscaping, and lay the grass in one day!

Residential Sodding

If you order our services for your house, you will get a beautiful yard that you can enjoy every day. Sod will improve the appearance and functionality of your backyard or front yard. Apart from the aesthetical effect, this project will make your outdoor area more useful as well. It will be a great place to play for you, your family, friends and your pets.

Commercial Sodding

Toroz Contracting completed projects with numerous companies and sports clubs that required high-quality sod near me. You can request landscaping for your golf, football, or any other sports field, as well as a lawn for your commercial property or institution. We can cover small and large areas. Whether you aim to make the entrance to your company more appealing or create a spacious playground for a club or school, we are at your service.

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