Does artificial grass attract insects or other pests the same as natural grass?

Artificial grass is made of non biological synthetic materials, unlike natural grass, insects and fleas or any other harmful pests will not find the nurturing environment to feed and breed. In fact you will stop buying pesticides and bugs’ spray for your grass.

Can my dog pee and poop on the artificial turf?

Your dog may answer it’s natural call without any harm on artificial turf, all that you need to clean the mess is to scoop the large pieces and hose the artificial turf with water. Water and uranie will drain away in the same  way as rainwater. The artificial turf color  will not change and it will not smell. 

However, dogs’ poop and pee has a very immediate harmful impact on natural grass. Dogs usually urinate in the same spot every single time. This will badly affect seeds, roots and soil compositions. This frequent behavior will definitely cause lawn burning.

Which is more child-friendly, natural grass or artificial turf?

Many schools and sports fields nowadays are switching to artificial turf. It’s less muddy and slippery than natural grass, plus there are no stubborn grass stains. Moreover, unlike natural grass, you don’t need to use any pesticides, fertilizers, odor control or any harmful chemical substances. 

In fact fake grass may be a more safe environment for your children to play and enjoy their time out than natural grass.

What about heavy rainwater?

Every time it rains dogs and cats, you may experience one of those nasty grass floods so your family and pets have to wait about three days for the natural  grass to dry out. Heavy rainwater makes the natural grass slippery and muddy. On the other hand artificial turf is designed  with an effective drainage system, so immediately after it stops raining your family and pets can enjoy playing outside. 

My son has an allergy. What is the best choice for his health, natural grass or artificial turf?

Artificial turf is allergic and toxic free. Unlike artificial turf, natural grass has pollen grains which is the most common reason for seasonal allergy. In fact if any of your beloved ones suffers from hay fever or any pollen grain allergy it’s a must to avoid natural grass and substitute it with artificial turf. 

I have to leave home for long periods of time plus I don’t have enough time and energy for periodic maintenance. What is the best solution?

Unlike the natural grass, which needs regular maintenance such as: seeding, mowing, trimming,using fertilizers and pesticides. The artificial turf doesn’t require more than hosing once and while plus brushing to keep the blades clean and fluffy with a natural look. 

Switching to artificial turf will give you more quality time to pamper yourself and the ones you love.

Water utility bill is expensive, which requires minimal watering?

If you live in Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Caledon, Halton hills, Milton, Toronto, or North York, then you know how expensive water is. Take into consideration that every one square of natural grass needs about half a gallon of water, this will increase your water utility bill by approximately 150$ during summer times.

On the other hand, fake grass doesn’t require watering at all.

Does artificial turf look authentic as real grass?

If you live in Ontario, ice, snow and frost will cause the natural grass to fade and die. Moreover summer hot weather causes the natural grass to fade too, while the artificial turf is made of highly uv-stabilized materials to keep them green even with direct sunlight exposure.  

In Addition artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers, designed to look like real green grass, so Rain or Shine, your fake grass will look perfect whatever the weather condition is. Weather has no direct impact on your artificial turf and it will look greener, fluffer for many coming years.

Artificial turf looks authentic as natural grass, yet better.

Which has the least bad impact on the environment?

Well, this is a hard question to answer!

Natural grass needs: fertilizers, pesticides, weed killer and odor controlling substances that leak to the ground water. Also it needs a lot of watering (an 800 square foot lawn will consume  about 150,000 gallons of water every year). 

Thus natural grass is an unlikable water waste and water ground pollution source. 

On the other hand, artificial turf is made of compressed non biodegradable substances to sustain from 20 to 25 years. 

So this is your call to choose which is best for your environment: Sodding or Artificial Turf?

The cost: Artificial Turf Vs natural Grass

As it mentioned above, artificial turf requires minimal caring and maintenance. Unlike the real grass, you don’t need to pay for:

  • pesticides
  • bug spray
  • fertilizers
  • mowing services
  • seeds
  • weed killer
  • water utility bill
  •  irrigation system
  • replanting cost after every snow and frost season.

Artificial turf is made to sustain from 20 to 25 years, while the cost of installing it is almost equal to one year cost of natural grass maintenance. 

Artificial Turf is much cheaper in the long term than natural grass. 

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