If you are considering some renovation to your home, then we would surely advise you with interlocking to your garage driveway, walkway or patio.

Interlocking is designed to bear heavy load pressure such as cars, and to sustain lifetime without wear and tear in hot or snowy seasons. In addition to having your home look more attractive with its limitless design features, interlocking is a good long-term investment to increase your real estate value.

Although interlocking pavers are designed to last a lifetime, they still need simple maintenance. These are some tips to keep them shiny and clean as new for decades.


Sealing is the sure-fire technique to protect interlocking from discoloring, color fading, and stubborn dirt spots and staining. Coating with good sealing material is essential to protect the pavers from surface damage. 

Sealing every 3-5 years is sufficient.


After 10-15 years of installing pavers, you may notice after the end of snow seasons in the GTA area, that some weeds start to grow around the stones and between the interlocking pavers causing an unsightly appearance for your yard.

you may simply remove weeds by hand or use weed killer. 
However, you may still use Toroz Contracting services to install polymeric sand to stop weeds from growing between pavers and to prevent any pests from digging inside the narrow spaces between the paver’s stones.


After a barbecue party at your beautiful patio, you need to wash the stains with a high-pressure garden hose. For stubborn stains such as oil, grease, rust, or paint, you might need to use a paver cleaning product and gently scrub the stains away.

Get high-quality products:

Living in Mississauga could be challenging for low-quality interlocking. During the snow season, homeowners tend to use ice-melting chemical products that may affect the durability of the pavers. If you are using de-ice chemicals, contact Toroz Contracting to get the best pavers quality and to ensure a lifetime of interlocking pavers. If you have any doubts about your pavers’ quality or durability you may hire a professional snow removal company.

Hire a reputable contractor:

Uneven installation means creaked and damaged stones with no ability to handle the pressure of passing vehicles. This will weaken your interlocking and make it vulnerable to more damage because of simple earthquakes or tree roots. if you noticed any dislocated stone or cracked one call Toroz Contracting for peace of mind. One shifting stone could be like a domino effect for the whole garden interlocking.

A Good Garden Landscaping Contractor will ensure the best quality and best installation.

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